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We develop individual and innovative plastic solutions for use in engineering, medical technology, electrical engineering, extraction technology, aerospace, the chemical industry and many other fields.

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Data sheets on the following are now available!
  • POM C Food Grade EU Blue
  • POM MD (can be deactivated)
  • POMESD 225
  • POM C Antistatic
  • PE (Tivar)
  • Tivar MD (can be deactivated)
  • PP HT
  • POM MD (can be deactivated)
  • PAI (Torlon)
  • PTFE + Carbon/Graphite

  • New High Temperature Polymer from VICTREX

    VICTREX® ST™ Polymer
    This newly developed polymer distinguishes itself by itsmelting temperature of 389°C and a glass transition temperature of 164°C. This means it out performs VICTREX® PEEK™ and PEEK-HT™ Polymers which have been on the market for 30 years.
    Especially in temperatures above 150°C, VICTREX ST has an improved dimensional stability and long term load capacity than previously. Additionally, a longer service life is achieved due to the further improvement of pulsating tensile stress resistance, especially on dynamically stressed parts. All other properties of the familiar VICTREX® PEEK™ Polymers such as high purity, temperature independent electrical properties, very high chemical resistance and low thermal elongation are found in VICTREX ST.
    Through this balanced profile, VICTREX ST is especially suited for use where previously only metal, ceramic or polyimides were suitable due to high temperatures and so the use of economic thermoplastics was not possible. Applications like high temperature seals, compressor discs, cable coatings, composite components and also electronic parts are now feasible.
    This new polymer will shortly be offered in two variations:

    STG45 – Polymer (unreinforced pellets) STG45GL30 – Polymer (glass fibre reinforced pellets)
    The so called carbon fibre modifications from theVictrex product range are expected within the next few weeks. In high temperatures, these modifications have a higher stability than light metals. This opens up new possibilities for use of plastics which used to be impossible due to the polymers’ former lower temperature resistance. 
    We will be happy to send you a data sheet on request.

    Further information can be found on the VICTREX website:
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