KHP Engineering Plastics

We develop individual and innovative plastic solutions for use in engineering, medical technology, electrical engineering, extraction technology, aerospace, the chemical industry and many other fields.

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Plastic Semi-Finished

High Performance Plastic
Engineering Plastics

We also offer semi-finished products for in-house production.

Our range of products encompasses all technical plastics and special materials such as PA 6, PA 66 GF 30, POM standard +coloured, PET, PE, PP, PVC, PVDF, PEI, PSU PPS GF 40, PPSU, PEEK, PTFE, PI, PAI, PC, PMMA, PFA, PCTFE and many other materials.

We supply discs, flat and hollow bars, sheets and films. We supply all standardised measurements: 500mm, 610mm und 1000mm widths. We can also quickly and cost-effectively provide lengths cut to your specifications.
If you need something urgently we can usually get it to you the next day.

We look forward to your requests.

Constant High Temperatures of Thermoplastic Materials

Constant High Temperatures of Thermoplastic Materials
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