PolyEthylene Terephthalate


PET can either have an amorphous or semi-crystalline thermoplastic molecular structure, the amorphous type being crystal clear and demonstrating a lower mechanical rigidity as well as considerably poorer sliding behaviour than the semi-crystalline version.

The semi-crystalline type, in comparison, has a higher hardness, rigidity, and strength for excellent sliding behaviour and low sliding wear. Due to its good creep strength as well as low moisture absorption and outstanding dimensional stability, PET is excellent in applications for complex parts like the highest demands on dimensional tolerance and surface finish.

PET Properties
  • High rigidity
  • High hardness
  • Low sliding friction coefficient.
  • High dimensional stability
  • Good resistance to acids
  • Good electrical insulation properties
  • Physiologically safe (BGA and FDA approved)
  • Low water absorption

Product Variants

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PET TX / ZX is a polyethylene terephthalate-based material with a homogenously distributed integrated solid lubricant. The specific material composition makes it a unique self-lubricating slide bearing material. It does not only offer very high wear resistance but also offers a low coefficient of sliding friction and high dynamic load capacity (PV limit value). The material is especially effective under high pressure and speed conditions, and is especially suited to applications in which soft metal and plastic surfaces meet each other. It is a material that conforms with EU/10/2011, FDA, USDA and 3A-Dairy standards.

Data Sheet (PDF)
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