This trademark covers a range of pure or partially reclaimed, coloured or modified semi-finished, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene products manufactured by sinterpress or ram extrusion.

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TIVAR® Cleanstat is a PE UHMW material for use in the food and pharmaceuticals industries. TIVAR® CleanStat antistatic, fulfils EU/10/2011, FDA, USDA and 3A Dairy regulations for contact with food and is distinguished by a lower-wear sliding surface. TIVAR® CleanStat can be unproblematically implemented in all components and be used in replacement parts to lower the noise level in plants, and is destined for longer cleaning intervals. Seamlessly welded components can be manufactured seamlessly from this material.

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TIVAR® H.O.T. (Higher Operating Temperature) has the key PE-UHMW properties over an expanded temperature range thanks to its special composition. It contains antioxidant additives that enable a longer period of application at higher temperatures. TIVAR® H.O.T.’s profile makes it an affordable alternative to polyamides, PTFE in particular.

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TIVAR® SUPER PLUS is a wear-optimised, cross-linked PE-UHMW material for extremely high requirements and loads with an extremely high degree of polymerisation.

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TIVAR® DrySlide features a lubricant integrated into a PE-UHMW matrix with a higher molecular weight to provide a lower friction coefficient and enhanced wear and abrasion properties than TIVAR® 1000. Other additives make the material conductive of static electricity and improve its UV resistance. Due to the improved friction resistance and its antistatic properties, TIVAR® DrySlide is excellently suited for use in environments with high dust exposure. Even wet containers or packages sealed in shrink-wrap do not stick to surfaces coated with TIVAR® DrySlide. Moreover, its improved surface sliding properties mean that it does not develop scratches in packaging or products that can slide smoothly over its surface without the risk of sticking or getting stuck on conveyer chutes or belts due to adhering dirt, grains or sand, or electrostatic charge.

Data Sheet (PDF)
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