1. Joinery

From roughly sawn blanks to the finished profile—it’s all child’s play for our joinery. We can even provide affordable production and optimal quality for large orders.

2. CAD/CAM system

This technology ensures optimum, affordable, and precise manufacture—the CAD/CAM system lets us enter your data directly into the production program.

3. CNC milling

The CNC milling machines have vertical movement of up to 3200 mm on their X- axis and 800 mm along the Y-axis and their tool magazines can accommodate up to 30 different tools. Vacuum clamping places support production as needed.

4. 5-Axis Milling

Digital drive systems and powerful CNC controls enable us to produce complex work pieces in a maximum of two clamping operations. In addition to the X, Y, and Z axes, there are the rotatable and pivotable A, B, and C axes that can be used as needed.

5. CNC turning

High-quality turned parts and affordable production are no problem with our lathes. From a simple ring to highly-complex components, we have the right machines for all needs.

6. Reaming

We can provide MC, PG, NPT, UNC, UNF, TR, G, R, and Rd threads. If you would like another thread that is not listed, please get in touch with us and we will promptly tell you if we can manufacture it.

7. Assembly and supplementary work

We offer: screw-in and press-in threaded bushes, screw-in wire inserts, press-fitting of bearings, conditioning, tempering, surface treatment, engraving, painting/varnishing, customer-specific packaging.

8. Deburring and cleaning

Every finished part is deburred, cleaned, and carefully packaged for safe transport. The final details are performed by hand and if your application requires an ultrasonic bath this is performed and the parts vacuum sealed.

We provide the highest level of expertise +++ We provide the highest level of expertise +++ We provide the highest level of expertise +++ We provide the highest level of expertise +++ We provide the highest level of expertise +++

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