PolyAcetal / PolyOxyMethylene


POM is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic and demonstrates good sliding properties and wear resistance as well as low moisture absorption.

Its good dimensional stability and strength in addition to an outstanding machinability make POM a versatile engineering material with many applications. There are homopolymers (POM-H) and copolymers (POM-C).

POM Properties
  • High strength, rigidity, and hardness
  • Good impact resistance even at low temperatures
  • Low moisture absorption
  • High creep strength and dimensional stability
  • Hydrolysis resistance (up to ~60°C)
  • Good resistance against organic solvents
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Wear-resistance (high abrasion resistance)
  • Very good material resilience
  • EU/10/2011, FDA and BGA certification

Product Variants

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This material demonstrates increased impact resistance, higher abrasion resistance and better thermal and chemical resistance compared to homopolymers. It is, of course, FDA certified.

Data Sheet (PDF)

Thanks to its high crystallinity, this homopolymer has a high density, hardness, and rigidity. It has a low thermal expansion rate and also features improved wear resistance.

Data Sheet (PDF)

The addition of PE facilitates improved sliding properties.

Data Sheet (PDF)

The addition of PTFE also facilitates improved sliding properties.

Data Sheet (PDF)

This modified POM has the advantage of not forming static charge and is a conductor.

Data Sheet (PDF)

By adding rust-free antistatic agent, this material becomes excellently suitable for conveyer systems.

Data Sheet (PDF)

POM with glass fibres leads to increased hardness and rigidity and to a higher thermal resistance.

Data Sheet (PDF)

This material is useful in several different application areas.

Data Sheet (PDF)
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